Welcome to my new blog about eco travel and conservation.

  • Lagos Coastal Plastic Search
    DID YOU KNOW? Each year 8 million tonnes of plastic is dumped into our oceans. Not only does this tragically kill animals and marine life but it also destroys people’s livelihoods by wrecking things such as fishing boats. Plastic is now in every ocean and sea reaching even the most remote parts of the Arctic … Read more Lagos Coastal Plastic Search
  • Pangolins – A Story of Survival
    When I found out that I’d be moving to Nigeria, I thought I would be saying goodbye to the beautiful greenery, rolling hills and wildlife of Yorkshire and hello to the smoggy heat and grey bustling city life of Lagos. How wrong could I be? I never expected to find conservation centres home to Gorillas, … Read more Pangolins – A Story of Survival

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