One thought on “The Journey Begins”

  1. You are a brave soul, Cat. You did not let your fears get in the way of achieving your dream, let alone waited for others to make it happen for you. These are qualities I admire in a person let alone a young person like you. Visiting 14 cities in 5 weeks! Tiring as it may seem, it is exhilarating, isn’t it? I can sort of relate to the feeling. That is exactly how I felt when I caught the subway at 11 pm in the evenings for the Bronx where I was staying with family after roaming around Manhattan, watching broadway shows for 10 days.
    As visions of the many beautiful places you have visited on this solo trip continue to dance in your head, my brother and I are also excited to visit your Country next year. I believe that the experiences and people we meet along our many destinations will get us to different paths that we may not have planned on taking. Hawaii mountains, waterfalls, beaches, sunshine and its friendly locals await for your visit.
    Life is too short, like you said. Keep wanderlusting, Cat…..

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